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Horse Training

Our trainers will work very closely with you while training and encourage you to be a part of your horse's training. Learn along with your horse and become a better team every day.


When training Ride the Sky Stables trainers primarily use Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage techniques but truly believe that every session should be catered to the horse and rider/owner. Every horse is different and there is far more than one way to train a horse. 

We have a strong focus on dressage with our main goal of being in harmony with the horse no matter what we ask them to do. This results in a better partnership and will help with all disciplines so if your goal is the hunter ring we can help too!



We travel to Horse Trials, Combined Training and Dressage shows monthly and are more than happy to help you reach your show goals! Come join our show team!

Trail Riding

With access to trails on site we can work with your horse on trails, trailering out and camping as well. Individualized training plans are catered to you and your horse.


Bitless Bridle Training

Ride the Sky Stables have been training and riding bitless for over 8 years and have found that it has helped every horse we have used the bitless bridle on. While we still use a bit and show (showing will require a bit), we can take your horse as far as you would like with a bitless bridle! We hope that you will see a huge difference in your horse's happiness when riding bitless and will be hooked as well!


​Using Dr. Robert Cook's bitless bridle we can show how your horse will have improved movement, will come "onto the bridle" by giving to pain free pressure, and will even have less spooky behavior. Schedule a training session to learn more about bitless riding/training and ride naturally!


Learn more about the Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle and his book at, and start to communicate pain free with your horse today!

Bitless Training

Problem Resolution

Teach to Train Method

Coaching at Shows

Starting Horses/Tune-Ups/Refinement
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