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Policies for Ride the Sky Stables Riding School

Enrollment and Lesson Policies ★

  • Lessons are scheduled in advance at  the start of each quarter. Students can start later on in the quarter if a spot becomes available. Quarters run for three months at a time as follows: Winter Quarter (December - February), Spring Quarter (March - May), Summer Quarter (June - August), and Fall Quarter (September - November) 

  • Enrollment is perpetual; once enrolled, you or your child will be assured their lesson spot until we receive proper notification that your family will be unenrolled from our program.  

  • When instructor approves students can arrive 20 minutes before the start of their scheduled lesson to tack up their horse and be ready to ride no earlier than the start of the scheduled lesson time.

  • If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, the lesson will be forfeit. 

  • We strive to meet communicated class schedules. In the event of operations/safety requirements, we reserve the right to make class changes as necessary.

  • Instructor changes may occur at any time due to absent instructors or schedule changes.

Make Up Policy ★

  • Students that ride once a week can reschedule one lesson per quarter. Students that ride twice a week can reschedule three times per quarter. Make ups should be scheduled within the same quarter.

  • You must cancel your child’s lessons through the Ride the Sky Stables scheduling portal. The Acuity Scheduling Client Appcan be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. 

  • You must cancel within 24 hours of you scheduled lesson to be issued a make up.

  • Make ups will be automatically issued. 

  • Make ups CANNOT be used in lieu of tuition.

  • We cannot guarantee that make ups will be scheduled with your regular instructor.

  • There will be no scheduled lessons on Thanksgiving, and December 22nd - December 28th. Make up lessons will be issued to all affected families. These make up lessons do NOT count towards your quarterly make up limit.

Lesson Attire

  • Students need to wear long, tight fitting pants and a comfortable shirt. Students should come prepared wearing layers and gloves in cold weather and bring their own water to maintain hydration in hot and humid weather. 

  • Students are required to wear a boot with at least a half inch heel any time they ride a horse. Closed toed shoes are mandatory at all times in and around the barn. 

  • Students are required to wear a helmet any time they ride a horse. Purchasing a helmet is recommended, but loaner helmets are available. 

Weather and Cancellation Policy

  • Students will be contacted if a lesson needs to be canceled for any reason via text message and/or email confirmation. The lesson should be rescheduled by the student within the next four weeks. 

  • Lessons are taught in rain and most conditions, but if the instructor determines that conditions are unsuitable for riding, a horsemanship and groundwork skills lesson will be given instead. Horsemanship and groundwork skills lessons promote safety and teach students about the many aspects of their equine partners as well as providing tools for advancing their riding skills. 

  • Students will be contacted for rescheduling if conditions are unsuitable for driving to the barn such as but not limited to severe thunderstorms, snow storms, very frigid temperatures, and extremely strong winds. 

Tuition ★

Costs do not change for months with 5 weeks. That extra class is included.  

  • Private lessons: 1 student for 1 hour

    • $420/month

    • $1,175/quarter (3 months)

  • Semi-Private lessons: 2-3 students for 1 hour

    • $325/month

    • $900/quarter

  • Group lessons: 4-5 students for 1 hour (advanced students only)

    • $280/month

    • $750/quarter

  • 30-Min Private lessons: for ages 4-7 - 1 student for 30min

    • $230/month

    • $620/quarter

  • Mounted Archery Lessons: for ages 8+ (must be riding independently at walk and trot) Includes all equipment.

    • $360/month

    • $1,000/quarter


  • $1,500/month (horse availability limited), includes the following:

    • Half board

    • Half farriery

    • Half routine vet work

    • Half maintenance vet work

    • 2 semi private lessons OR group lessons/week (Private and Mounted Archery lessons additional fees apply)

    • 1 free ride/week

    • 4 shows/year

    • Ability to jump over 2ft

Enrollment and Billing Procedure

  • New students 

    • Please sign up for a trial lesson with our Online Lesson Scheduler(if you cannot find a time slot please email us and we can help you find one!

    • If you like your trial lesson please fill out our enrollment form.

    • Students must provide a credit card or a bank account to keep on file.

    • We bill monthly on the 1st of the month or quarterly on the 1st of the start of the quarter.

  • Current students are already enrolled for the next quarter.

  • Ride the Sky Stables requires credit card for automatic withdrawal each month or quarter depending on billing option selected.

  • Credit cards are subject to a 3% credit card fee.

  • Ride the Sky Stables will automatically charge the credit card on file the first of each month or quarter depending on the billing option selected.

  • To change your time slot you must tell us the requested times below or via email to

  • To change your credit card on file please email or call 978 328 8744 with your new card number.

  • To withdraw you must give at least 30 days notice to avoid being charged for the next month/quarter. 

  • Lesson payments are non-refundable.

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